科研成果 by Year: 2010

Ren Z-F, Zhou C-Y, Ma Z-B, Xiao C-L, Mao X-C, Dai D-X, LaRue J, Cooper R, Wodtke AM, Yang X-M. A surface femtosecond two-photon photoemission spectrometer for excited electron dynamics and time-dependent photochemical kinetics. Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics. 2010;(3):255-261. SCI被引用次数:17.
Zhou C, Ren Z, Tan S, Ma Z, Mao X, Dai D, Fan H, Yang X, LaRue J, Cooper R, et al. Site-specific photocatalytic splitting of methanol on TiO2(110). Chemical Science. 2010;(5):575-580. SCI被引用次数:134.