Prof. Zhang

Haixia (Alice) Zhang Ph.D

Professor, Peking University

Office: Micro/nano electronics Building Room 319

Telephone: +86-10-6276-7742


Alice Wonderlab Website:

Mailing Address: Micro/nano electronics Building Room 319, Peking University, Beijing, China, 100871

Highlights of Dr. Haixia(Alice) Zhang

Dr. Zhang is a pioneer and world leader for her outstanding research achievements and creativity in micro/nanotechnology, especially in high efficiency energy harvesting and self-powering devices & systems. Her research has impacted the field of MEMS field in a number of aspects, such as developing mass production technology of micro-nano structures with high surface charging density based on MEMS fabrication to enhance the performance of triboelectric nanogenerator, applying piezoelectric, magnetic and triboelectric principles for hybrid nanogenerator, and high efficiency energy management circuit to achieve long-term power supply for microsystems, her contributions of active sensing and smart skin also inspect the academic field worldwide.

Dr. Zhang has productive scientific output and won numbers of Awards/Honors. She authored and co-authored 250+ peer reviewed scientific articles on the prestigious journals such as, Nature Biotechnology, Energy & Environmental Science, Nano Energy, Nano LettersACS NanoAdvanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, et al. She edited and co-edited 8 books and book chapters, and held 42 patents including 3 US patents. She has delivered 100+ plenaries, keynotes, invited and seminar talks at international and national academic conferences as well as universities and research institutions. She is very active in academic service, was the founder and general Chair of IEEE NEMS conference, NTC Beijing Chapter Chair. She serves on editorial board of IEEE Tnano, JMEMS, Microsystem and Nanoengineering, et al.

Dr. Zhang is an excellent teacher. She has supervised over 5 postdoctoral fellows and visiting scientists, 18 PhD students, 25 MS students and 15 international visiting researchers & students. Among those she has supervised, 10 of them are faculty in universities and research institutions. Her students have received 50+ awards/honors from Peking University and professional societies for best Thesis, best paper/poster presentations and other academic achievements.

Dr. Zhang is the founder and general chair of the International Contest of innovation (iCAN) since 2007, iCAN is the biggest collaborative platform among academia & industry & young generation to stimulate the innovations. Now, every year 50K+ young students from 20 countries and regions participant in iCAN, projects cover the smart hardwares and software, etc.

Dr. Zhang has initiated “iCAN-PKU” Innovation MOOC in PKU and promote it into national level at 2016, 500+ universities and 200K+ students benefited. She has delivered 500+ “Innovation” serial lectures in high/middle school, universities and public in last few years, her talk merged high-tech, legend, magic, happiness and humorous, guiding the audience into an exciting innovative world, which made her talk very popular and enjoyable in mainland china.

Dr. Zhang won National Invention Award of Science & Technology at 2006, Education Award at 2013 and 2017 in Beijing City, Geneva Invention Gold Medal at 2014. She was honored as the Excellence Teachers in Beijing City at 2017, Top10 supervisors in Peking University at 2017. She won the Medal of May Day in 2018. She won the 2nd prize of National Education Award 2018 and elected as the member of Innovation Education Committee in Chinese Ministry of Education at 2018.


    Dec. 1998, received her Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. 

    July 1995, received her MS degree in Electrical Engineering from the Harbin Engineering University, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China.

    July 1992, received her BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, Anhui Province, China.

Professional Career

    1999-2001, Post Doctoral researcher, Tsinghua University,

    2001-, Assistant (2001), Associated (2004) and Full professor (2008), Peking University

    2004-2005, Visiting professor, University of California at Davis/Berkeley

    2005-2006, Visiting professor, Case Western Reserve University

Professional Community Services

    Associated Chief Editor of IEEE-TANO

    Editor of IEEE-JMEMS, IET MNL, IET JoE, Microsystems & Nanoengineering

    Program committees of IEEE NEMS, IEEE Nano, Transducers, MNE, 3M Nano……

    Chair of MINE international conferences, 2017, 2018, 2019

    Co-Founder of IEEE NEMS 2006, General Chair of the IEEE NEMS 2013, Suzhou

    Organizing chair of Transducers2011 Beijing

    Chair of IEEE NTC Beijing Chapter

    Board members of Scientific Advisory Board of Université Paris-Est (France)

    Board members of Scientific Advisory Board of EPFL(Switzerland)

    Board members of Piaget Award for miniaturization (Switzerland)

    Member of Chinese Innovation Education Committee at 2018.

iCAN: International Contest of Innovation

    Founder and General Chair of iCAN Contest and Association: The International Contest of Innovation (iCAN) is founded at 2007 in mainland China, covers different levels from graduated/college/high/Middle Schools, 50K+ participants each year.

    Founder and President of iCAN International Association, members include China, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, France, Netherlands, Japan, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Etc.

    iCAN•PKU Innovation MOOC since 2016, covers 500+ universities and 200K+ students in mainland China. 2017 was honored as the National Excellence MOOC.

Honor & Awards

    National Invention Award of Science & Technology at 2006

    Teaching Award in Beijing City, 2013

    Geneva Invention Gold Medal at 2014

    Excellence Teachers in Beijing City, 2017

    Top10 supervisors in Peking University, 2017

   Medal of May Day, 2018

   2nd prize of National Education Award 2018

Research Grants and Funding

Dr. Zhang has received funding from NSFC, MOST, MOE, Samsung, Huawei, International projects, etc. The total funding for supporting her research from 2001 to day is 35M RMB.