Land-use emissions embodied in international trade. Science


Hong CP, Zhao HY, Qin Y, Burney JA, Pongratz J, Hartung K, Liu Y, Moore FC, Jackson RB, Zhang Q, et al. Land-use emissions embodied in international trade. Science. [Internet]. 2022;376(6593):597-603.


International trade separates consumption of goods from related environmental impacts, including greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and land-use change (together referred to as “land-use emissions”). Through use of new emissions estimates and a multiregional input-output model, we evaluated land-use emissions embodied in global trade from 2004 to 2017. Annually, 27% of land-use emissions and 22% of agricultural land are related to agricultural products ultimately consumed in a different region from where they were produced. Roughly three-quarters of embodied emissions are from land-use change, with the largest transfers from lower-income countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, and Argentina to more industrialized regions such as Europe, the United States, and China. Mitigation of global land-use emissions and sustainable development may thus depend on improving the transparency of supply chains.