主要研究方向为基于过渡金属氧化物的铁电存储器与新型传感器件,包括材料的物理原理与调控方法、器件的结构设计与性能优化、以及面向集成电路的新型应用。以第一/通讯作者在Science, Science Advances, Advanced Materials, Nano Letters, IEEE IEDM等期刊和会议发表学术论文,总文章数50余篇,google scholar总引用数3000余次,h因子22。作为项目负责人承担国家重点研发计划青年科学家项目、国家自然科学基金面上项目等国家级项目。担任国际期刊Frontier of Neuroscience客座主编,长期为Joule, ACS Nano, IEEE EDL, APL等著名国际期刊审稿。

2023 第二十二届北京大学青年教师教学基本功比赛     理工科一等奖、最佳教案奖
2018 国家自费留学生奖学金

2017 斯坦福大学Robert A. Huggins奖(学院top 1)


Dr. Tang's research focuses on ferroelectric memory devices and novel sensing devices based on transition metal oxides. Within this field, his study includes mechanisms and modulation of materials, design and optimization of semiconductor devices, and novel applications in integrated circuits. Dr. Tang published more than 60 research articles in journals and conferences including Science, Science Advances, Advanced Materials, Nano Letters, IEEE IEDM, with more than 3000 citations and an h-index of 22. He is the head scientist of research projected funded by National Key Research and Development Program of China, and National Natural Science Foundation of China. He is a guest editor of the journal Frontier of Neuroscience, and reviews articles for Joule, ACS Nano, IEEE EDL and APL etc.

Honors and Awards:
2023  Teaching competition for early-career faculty at Peking University,  first-level prize
2018  Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad

2017  Stanford University Robert A. Huggins Award (top 1 of MSE department)

Ferroelectric Materials and Devices, spring semester, for graduates

Physics for Information Science (part 1), autumn semester, for undergraduates

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