主要从事高K介电材料/半导体沟道界面优化,新型存储器件的原理研究与性能调控,以及基于金属-绝缘体相变材料的新器件等领域的研究工作, 在半导体工艺、表征、仿真等方面有丰富的经验。近几年以第一/通讯作者在Science, Science Advances, Advanced Materials, Nano Letters, IEEE IEDM等期刊和会议发表学术论文,总文章数50余篇,google scholar总引用数2500余次,h因子21。在ACS Nano, IEEE EDL, 等著名国际期刊审稿40余次,担任国际期刊Frontier of Neuroscience客座主编。在美国申请三项专利,并以此于加州联合创办科技创业公司DeepRed Technology Inc。

Dr. Tang's research background includes high-k/oxide interface optimization,  investigation and modulation of emerging memories, and novel devices based on metal-insulator transition materials. He has rich experience in process, characterization and analysis and semiconductor devices.

Dr. Tang published more than 50 research articles in journals and conferences including Science, Science Advances, Advanced Materials, Nano Letters, IEEE IEDM, with more than 2500 citations and an h-index of 21. He is a guest editor of the journal Frontier of Neuroscience. He has three patents applied in USA, and co-founded a high-tech start-up (DeepRed Technology inc.) in California.

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