Brief Description

Prof. Dr. Yi HUANG is a Full Professor in the College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Peking University, China; Director of Marin Institute for Bio-resource and Environment(MIBE Lab),  PKU-Shenzhen 

Holds a Doctor of Science (major in Biology, Germany), Prof. Yi HUANG has experience in teaching and researching in China, Germany, Canada and Australia. Her current research focuses on:

Microbial Ecological Processes in Extreme Habitate

---Adaptive Responses of Ecosystem Structure/Functions to Environmental Stresses, especially focus on microbial community and watershed ecosystem.

---Resistant Mechanisms of Microbial community and Plant-Microorganism Symbiosis to Heavy Metal and Organic Pollutants and bio-restoration, especially interested in petroleum pollution and microplastics.

Bacteria mining, evaluation and modification for industrial scale use

---Marine polyhydroxyalkanote (PHA)-producing bacteria mining, evaluation, genetic modification and industrialization;

Education and Work Experiences

2000 – Present: Professor,  College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Beijing University, China;

2010–Present: Director, Marine Institute for Bioresources and Environment, PKUSZ, Shenzhen, China;1998:Post-Doctoral Fellow, College of Urban and Environment, Beijing University, China;

1997:  Ph.D. (Natural Science: biology) from Bielefeld University, Germany;

1990:  M.Sc. (Ecology) from Central-South Forestry College, China;

1983: B.Sc.(Agri.) from Central-South Forestry University, China;


Undergraduate Course:  Environmental Microbiology

Graduate Courses: Environmental Ecology;