Maowei Liang


Maowei Liang

Postdoctoral researcher

Biodiversity, the stability of ecosystem multifunctionality

梁茂伟博士,2019年7月毕业于内蒙古大学生态与环境学院生态学系,硕博期间主要研究放牧对草原群落多样性和生态系统功能的影响,进而探讨土地利用变化对草原生态系统调控的驱动力。并在博士期间相继在美国Michigan State University (2年) 和University of Arizona (0.5年) 做联合培养博士,访问学习。博后期间,梁博士主要依据野外长期观测数据 (LTER),将要研究物种多样性和生态系统功能 (BEF) 在不同时空尺度的关系,及其对环境因子的响应。

He is a postdoc researcher, exploring how changing of ecosystem functioning and services at the multiple timescales are strongly associated with responses of both individual plants at physiological level or community composition and structure at morphological level to land use change and climate change, in the arid and semi-arid ecosystems.

Currently, his research focus on how biotic and abiotic factors mediate the relationship between plant diversity and ecosystem multifunctionality, and what the main process determines the stability of ecosystem multifunctionality at the multiple timescales.

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