I am an associate professor at the Department of Information Management, Peking University.  I hold a PhD and a MLS from Maryland’s iSchool. My research focuses on information and knowledge organization,  information seeking and sensemaking, and user-centered design and evaluation. I am particularly interested in how people in knowledge environments seek for and use information for complex tasks, individually and collaboratively.

Research areas 科研领域

  • Information and knowledge organization  信息与知识组织
  • Information seeking and sensemaking behavior and cognition 信息行为与认知
  • User-centered design and evaluation 以用户为中心的设计与评估
  • Human computer interaction 人机交互

Education 教育背景

  • 2010 PhD in Information Studies, University of Maryland Collge Park, USA. 马里兰大学信息学院 博士,信息科学
  • 2003 BS, Major in Information Management and Systems, Minor in Computer Software, Peking University, China. 北京大学信息管理系 学士,信息管理与信息系统、辅修计算机软件