Recent Progress

  • Exposome in human health: Utopia or wonderland?

  • Inflammatory and oxidative stress responses of healthy adults to changes in personal air pollutant exposure

    Hu, X; He, L; Zhang, J; Qiu, X; Zhang, Y; Mo, J; Day, D; Xiang, J; Gong, J

  • Different Metrics of Urban Particles with Varying Sizes in Relation to Fraction Exhaled Nitric Oxide

    Gong, et al., JTD, accepted in 2019.3.25.

  • Monitoring DNA adducts in human blood samples using magnetic Fe3O4@graphene oxide as a nano-adsorbent and mass spectrometry

  • Facile in-situ polymerization of polyaniline-functionalized melamine sponge preparation for mass spectrometric monitoring of per