Asymmetry of the geometrical resonances of composite fermions


Ji G, Shi J. Asymmetry of the geometrical resonances of composite fermions. Phys. Rev. B [Internet]. 2020;101:235301.


We propose an experiment to test the uniform-Berry-curvature picture of composite fermions. We show that the asymmetry of geometrical resonances observed in a periodically modulated composite fermion system can be explained with the uniform-Berry-curvature picture. Moreover, we show that an alternative way of modulating the system, i.e., modulating the external magnetic field, will induce an asymmetry opposite to that of the usual periodic grating modulation which effectively modulates the Chern-Simons field. The experiment can serve as a critical test of the uniform-Berry-curvature picture and probe the dipole structure of composite fermions proposed by Read.


Publisher: American Physical Society