Research overview

Our research interests are summarized as follows:

1) Flexible carbon nanotube based integrated circuits:

As the core unit of electronic systems, integrated circuits (ICs) of high performance simultaneous with media-scale integration for build-in biological data computation, operation and analysis in a timely manner is very important. High-performance carbon nanotube based flexible integrated circuits with bio-integration capability are fabricated for the increasing demand in clinical and biological applications.

2) High performance nanosensors:

Surface and interface related processes play key roles on the performance of sensor. These processes are systematically explored. High performance sensor can be achieved by means of optimized device structure design, packaging and coupling effects.

3) Weak environment energy harvesting technology and self-powered system:

Harvesting energy from its working environment can make the WSN more sustainable and powerful. Dr. Hu overcomes the challenge of energy harvesting efficiency and improves the nanogenerator's output to the level of a practical power source. Driving of small electronic devices and self-powered environment sensing system with wireless data transmission function was demonstrated for the first time. Also special mechanical structure and low-loss power management circuit is designed for weak energy harvesting purpose.