Nodal domains of eigenvectors for 1-Laplacian on graphs


Chang K-C, Shao S, Zhang D. Nodal domains of eigenvectors for 1-Laplacian on graphs. Advances in Mathematics [Internet]. 2017;308:529-574.


The eigenvectors for graph 1-Laplacian possess some sort of localization property: On one hand, the characteristic function on any nodal domain of an eigenvector is again an eigenvector with the same eigenvalue; on the other hand, one can pack up an eigenvector for a new graph by several fundamental eigencomponents and modules with the same eigenvalue via few special techniques. The Courant nodal domain theorem for graphs is extended to graph 1-Laplacian for strong nodal domains, but for weak nodal domains it is false. The notion of algebraic multiplicity is introduced in order to provide a more precise estimate of the number of independent eigenvectors. A positive answer is given to a question raised in Chang (2016) [3], to confirm that the critical values obtained by the minimax principle may not cover all eigenvalues of graph 1-Laplacian.