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  • Dramatic improvements in air quality may result from reduction in residential emissions

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Special Symposium on Aerosol Mass Spectrometry at 2019 AAC (May 27-30, Hong Kong). Abstract due on 1 Dec, 2018.

Special Symposium on OFRs at 2018 IAC (Sep 2-7, St. Louis, MO). Abstract due on 1 Feb, 2018.

1st AMS/ACSM Chinese Clinic, 20-22 April, 2018 at Nanjing Univ. Click Here for More Information

1st Aerodyne AMS/CIMS Users Meeting in China, 8-12 May, 2017 at PKU. Click Here for More Information



Prospective Postdocs (博士后)— We are looking for talented, motivated researchers to join our group. Individuals with experience in aerosol measurements or mobile-lab applications are a particular asset to the group. Please contact Prof. Qi Chen if you are interested in. 课题组目前招收博士后1名,从事大气化学模式模拟。欢迎获得博士学位不超过五年,年龄不超过35周岁,具有相关专业背景的申请者与我们联系。申请材料包括个人简历、 第一/通讯作者SCI论文全文、至少两封推荐信(其中一封来自博士导师)。正式招聘公告见; https://postd...

Prospective Students(研究生)— 课题组每年招收1-2名研究生。请关注北京大学环境科学与工程学院每年举办的全国优秀大学生夏令营活动,活动中可与导师直接见面交流,并后续申请免试推荐研究生资格。

PKU Undergrads(本科生科研)—  课题组随时欢迎北大的本科生加入,并参与到科学研究实践当中。