Huaiyu Fu (付怀于)

Huaiyu Fu (付怀于)

Huaiyu Fu (付怀于)

M.S., Fudan University, China (2012-2014) (复旦大学客座学生)

Research Interests:The Marine Atmospheric Aerosols over the East China Seas based on the Single-Particle Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (SPAMS)

Selected Publications

1. Fu H.Y., Zheng M., Yan C.Q., Li X.Y., Gao H.W., Yao X.H., Guo Z.G., Zhang Y.H. Sources and characteristics of fine particles over the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea using online single particle aerosol mass spectrometer. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2015, 29(1): 62-70.

2. Yan C.Q., Zheng M., Yang Q.Y., Zhang Q.F., Qiu X.H., Zhang Y.J., Fu H.Y., Li  X.Y., Zhu T., Zhu Y.F. Commuter exposure to particulate matter and particle-bound PAHs at a street site and a rooftop site. Environmental Pollution, 2015, 204: 199-206.

3. 付怀于,闫才青,郑玫,蔡靖,李小滢,张延君,周振,傅忠,李梅,李磊,张远航.在线单颗粒气溶胶质谱SPAMS对细颗粒物中主要组分提取方法的研究.环境科学,2014,35(11): 4070-4077.

4. 郑玫,闫才青,杨巧云,邱兴华,付怀于,李小滢,朱彤.北京市交通环境多环芳烃的污染特征.环境科学研究,2014,27(9): 965-974.