Coupled-Resonator-Induced Fano Resonances for Plasmonic Sensing with Ultra-High Figure of Merits


Fano resonances are numerically predicted in an ultracompact plasmonic structure, comprising a metal-isolator-metal (MIM) waveguide side-coupled with two identical stub resonators. This phenomenon can be well explained by the analytic model and the relative phase analysis based on the scattering matrix theory. In sensing applications, the sensitivity of the proposed structure is about 1.1 x 10(3) nm/RIU and its figure of merit is as high as 2 x 10(5) at lambda=980 nm, which is due to the sharp asymmetric Fano line-shape with an ultra-low transmittance at this wavelength. This plasmonic structure with such high figure of merits and footprints of only about 0.2 mu m(2) may find important applications in the on-chip nano-sensors.