Jing received her Ph.D degree from Peking University in signal and information processing in 2009. She worked as a Newton International Fellow, and a research associate with Prof. Brian Moore at the hearing laboratory of Department of Experimental Psychology of University of Cambridge, UK, in 2009-2012. She was a research fellow of Wolfson College at University of Cambridge, UK. She joined Department of Machine Intelligence of Peking University as a research professor in 2013.  

     陈婧于2009年获北京大学智能科学系信号与信息处理专业博士学位。2009年到2012年,她在英国剑桥大学从事博士后研究。曾任英国皇家学会及英国皇家工程学会联合授予的牛顿国际学者,以及剑桥大学沃弗森学院(WolfsonCollege)Research Fellow。她于2013年加入北京大学智能科学系,任百人计划研究员。