Recent progress in the controlled synthesis of 2D metallic transition metal dichalcogenides


Zhang Z, Yang P, Hong M, Jiang S, Zhao G, Shi J, Xie Q, Zhang Y. Recent progress in the controlled synthesis of 2D metallic transition metal dichalcogenides. Nanotechnology [Internet]. 2019;30:182002.


Two-dimensional (2D) metallic transition metal dichalcogenides (MTMDCs), the complement of 2D semiconducting TMDCs, have attracted extensive attentions in recent years because of their versatile properties such as superconductivity, charge density wave, and magnetism. To promote the investigations of their fantastic properties and broad applications, the preparation of large-area, high-quality, and thickness-tunable 2D MTMDCs has become a very urgent topic and great efforts have been made. This topical review therefore focuses on the introduction of the recent achievements for the controllable syntheses of 2D MTMDCs (VS2, VSe2, TaS2, TaSe2, NbS2, NbSe2, etc). To begin with, some earlier developed routes such as chemical vapor transport, mechanical/chemical exfoliation, as well as molecular beam epitaxy methods are briefly introduced. Secondly, the scalable chemical vapor deposition methods involved with two sorts of metal-based feedstocks, including transition metal chlorides and transition metal oxidations mixed with alkali halides, are discussed separately. Finally, challenges for the syntheses of high-quality 2D MTMDCs are discussed and the future research directions in the related fields are proposed.