A Graphene-Based Vacuum Transistor with a High ON/OFF Current Ratio


Wu G, Wei X, Zhang Z, Chen Q, Peng LM. A Graphene-Based Vacuum Transistor with a High ON/OFF Current Ratio. Advanced Functional Materials [Internet]. 2015;25:5972-5978.


A graphene-based vacuum transistor (GVT) with a high ON/OFF current ratio is proposed and experimentally realized by employing electrically biased graphene as the electron emitter. The states of a GVT are switched by tuning the bias voltage applied to the graphene emitter with an ON/OFF current ratio up to 10(6), a subthreshold slope of 120 mV dec(-1) and low working voltages of <10 V, exhibiting switching performances superior to those of previously reported graphene-based solid-state transistors. GVTs are fabricated and integrated using silicon microfabrication technology. A perfectly symmetric ambipolar device is achieved by integrating two GVTs, implying the potential of realizing vacuum integrated circuits based on GVTs. GVTs are expected to find applications in extreme environments such as high temperature and intense irradiation.


Times Cited: 0 1616-3028