User's Meeting Information

1st AMS/ACSM Chinese Clinic at Nanjing Univ. (20-22 April 2018)

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20 April - AMS/ACSM Quantification

Qi Zhang: Overview of the instruments and EI mass spectrometry

Qi Chen: Overview of AMS quantification: IE and RIE

Yan Zheng: Mass-based calibration in AMS and ACSM: multiple charge and hygroscopicity

Weiwei Hu: Overview of CE: standard vs capture vaporizer

21 April - AMS Data Analysis

Qi Zhang: Overview of mass spectrometry: UMR vs HR

Qi Chen: Overview of frag-table method

Qi Chen: How to set up a sampling line for AMS/ACSM

Doug Worsnop: Mass spectrometry of organics in the atmosphere

Xinlei Ge: SP-AMS analyses on BC-containing particles in China

Jianzhong Xu: Chemical characteristics of submicron particles at the central Tibetan Plateau

Rujing Huang: Global PMF for source apportionment

Dandan Huang: Formation and evolution of aqSOA from direct photolysis of phenolic carbonyls

Yele Sun: Characterization of organic nitrogen with aerosol mass spectrometry in Beijing

Junfeng Wang: SP-AMS observations of fullerene soot  

Xinlei Ge: HR-AMS analyses on organic nitrogen compounds

Song Guo: Particulate Organonitrate in Beijing

Shan Huang: Source apportionment of marine OA form cruise measurements over Indian ocean

22 April - PMF

Qi Zhang: Overview of PMF analysis of AMS/ACSM data

Weiwei Hu: Determination of IEPOX-SOA from AMS measurements

Yele Sun: PMF/ME2 analysis of two-year measurements of organic aerosols

Yan Zheng: Sources and chemical composition of urban PM1 and PM2.5

Xinghua Zhang: Long-range transport biomass burning emissions to the Himalayas

Discussion and Open Mike

Yan Zheng: ACSM valve issue - low IE and low sensitivity

Yao He: ToF-ACSM issues and intercomparisons

Yan Zheng: ACSM RIE Issue - Acquisition mode or Calibration mode

Xinghua Zhang: Influence of AP240 temperture on HR-AMS

Yan Zheng: ToF-ACSM CV Issue - walking mz30/mz46

Keren Liao: Sulfate fragtable modifications for capture vaporizer

Dandan Huang: H2O correction and non-OA CO2 subtraction

Xinghua Zhang: CO2 correction for clean environment at Tibet

Wei Zhou: ACSM PMF and ME-2 issues choose a-value

Kangwei Li: Chamber aerosol quantification issue

Tianzeng Chen: Operation problems