Aerodyne AMS/CIMS Users Meeting hosted by PKU in 2017

1. Registration

There will be no registration fee for this meeting. Please fill the registration form at

Note: Attendees must complete the online registration form. Your answers are very important for us to plan the meeting. Please also email us if there will be cancellations of attendance.

2. Tentative Schedule

  • Monday, May 8th
    • 9AM - 4PM: General session for ARI instruments
  • Tuesday, May 9th
    • 9AM - 12PM: General session for ARI instruments
    • 1PM - 5PM: Split sessions for AMS/ACSM and CIMS
  • Wednesday, May 10th
    • 9AM - 5PM: Split sessions for AMS/ACSM and CIMS
  • Thursday, May 11th
    • 9AM - 12PM: General session for ARI instruments
    • 1PM - 5PM: PMF/ME2 session
  • Friday, May 12th
    • 9AM - 5PM: PMF/ME2 session

3. Logistics

3.1. Location

The meeting will be held at the meeting rooms in the PKU campus (map is here).
PKU map
Marks on the map:
1) Meeting Room #307, School of Economics (经济学院)
2) Meeting Room #B112, School of Environmental Sciences and Engineering (环境科学与工程学院)
3) East Side Gate of the campus: Leave from Exit A of Subway Line 4 (M4) Station - East Gate of Peking University and turn left (北大东侧门-地铁四号线北大东门站出A口 左转)
4) Zhongguan Xinyuan Global Village Hotel (中关新园酒店)
5) The Lakeview Hotel (北大博雅酒店)

3.2. Local Transportation

  • From Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK, 首都机场) to PKU:
    • By shuttle (>1 hour): Airport shuttle runs between the airport and Zhongguancun ( One-way ticket is ~24RMB.
    • By taxi (45 min): The distance is about 40 km, which takes about 100-150RMB depending on the traffic.
    • By Express train and subway (45 min): Airport Express ( has 4 stops: T2 (terminal 2), T3 (terminal 3), Sanyuanqiao, and Dongzhimen. To go to PKU, please transfer from Airport Express to Subway Line 10 (M10) at Sanyuanqiao Station (三元桥站). Then take Line 10 (M10) to Haidianhuangzhuang Station (海淀黄庄站). Then transfer to Line 4 (M4) to East Gate of Peking University Station (北大东门站). One-way ticket: 25RMB for Airport Express and 5RMB for the subway.
  • From Beijing South Railway Station (high-speed train station, 北京南站) to PKU:
    • Take the subway Line 4 (M4) to East Gate of Peking University Station (北大东门站). It takes about 35 minutes.

3.3. Laptop Power and Internet

  • Please remember to bring plug adapters if coming from abroad. We will provide plug strips for laptops.
  • Wireless internet access: PKU campus is covered with university WiFi (Wireless PKU). We will try to set up a router during the meeting. More conveniently, if your institution is a part of eduroam (, you may access Wireless PKU using your institution email after on-site authorization.

3.4. Accommodation

We suggest to make hotel reservations as soon as possible since May is a meeting season in Beijing. Here is a list of hotels for your reference.

  • Within walking distance
    • Zhongguan Xinyuan Global Village Hotel (中关新园); Tel: +86-10-62752288; ~698 RMB/night w/.breakfast (Building #1)
    • The Lake View Hotel (北大博雅酒店); Tel: +86-10-82689999; ~958 RMB/night w/. breakfast
    • Beijing Winjin Hotel (文津国际酒店); Tel: +86-10-62525566; ~1088 RMB/night w/. breakfast
    • Beijing Xihua Hotel (锡华商务酒店); Tel: +86-10-62646688; ~478 RMB/night w/. breakfast
  • A few subway stops (Line 4)
    • Beijing Friendship Hotel (友谊宾馆); Tel: +86-10-68498888; ~588 RMB/night w/. breakfast
    • Ariva Beijing West (海润艾丽华酒店); Tel: +86-10-82669999; ~ 650 RMB/night
    • Hotel Nikko New Century Beijing (新世纪日航饭店);Tel: +86-10-68492001; ~ 618 RMB/night
  • Some other choices (English may not be available at the hotel)
    • 博思园客座公寓 (Bosiyuan Guesthouse); Tel: +86-10-62626465; ~350 RMB/night
    • 锦江之星中关村店(Jinjiang Inn); Tel: +86-10-82623688; ~350 RMB/night
    • 富驿时尚酒中关村店(FX Hotel); Tel: +86-10-58986688; ~380 RMB/night

You may make reservations by calling the hotels or through travel websites like,, etc. But we do not recommend to make reservations on the hotel websites even if their websites have English-version. You may also contact us by email (see below) if you need any help with the reservations.

3.5. Food

Lunch will be provided during the meeting. PKU cafeterias require campus ID for payments, which might be inconvenient for guests. But there are many restaurants outside the campus. Don't hesitate to asking us for recommendations. :)

4. Attendees

China (~100): PKU (15), IAP (11), Tsinghua (10), CAMS (4), PKU Shenzhen (4), Fudan (7), NUIST (8), Nanjing University (5), Jinan University (1-2), Shanghai AES (4), Beijing Office of Weather Modification (7), Jiangsu EPD  (5), RCEES, CAS (4), IEE, CAS Xi’an (5), IG, CAS Guangzhou (1), CAS Lanzhou (1), Hong Kong UST (1), Hong Kong Poly (1), Zhejiang Environmental Monitoring (3), Zhejiang University CEE (3), Handix (2)

Other Asia countries (10-15): NIES Japan, Japan Automobile Research Institute, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University Singapore, GIST Korea, HUFS Korea, Institue of Science and Technology Korea, University of Macau

ARI (12) and western countries (10)

5. Contacts

Registration and Meeting: Qi Chen ( and Cameron Martin (, Tel: +86-10-62750508.

Invitation letters for Visa purpose: Xi Cheng (, Tel: +86-18810525770.
(Note: The requirements for the invitation letters have become more restricted in some Consulates because of the upcoming Beijing Belt and Road Summit in May. It will take several days for us to get you the scanned copies of the letters. In some cases, mail-in letters may be required.

For Chinese attendees, we will provide letters with the PKU stamp for reimbursement purpose during the meeting.)

Accommodation: Xi Cheng (, Tel: +86-18810525770.                                                          

Other logistics: Yan Zheng (, Tel: +86-13120209866.

We look forward to meeting you at PKU in May.