Jianguo Liu

Ph.D, Associate Professor

Majored in environmental chemistry(B.S, M.D) and Environmental plan& management(Ph.D), Dr. Liu's research focuses on interdisciplinary studies on Environmentally Sound Management of Chemicals (ESMC) and relevant Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs), especially on risk assessment, Socio-Economic Analysis (SEA) and global governance of chemicals of international concern and emerging policy issues.  For the last 15 years, Dr. Liu has pioneered and conducted significant studies on ESMC in China. He published China’s first monograph on ESMC, titled Environmentally Sound Management of Chemicals: Risk Management & Governance (2008). He is the chief editor of the official National Profile of Chemicals Management in China (2015). He continuously served as a member of the Chinese governmental delegation in the intergovernmental negotiations of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (2003-2015), International Chemical Management Conference on SAICM (2009-2015) and Minamata Convention on Mercury (2009-2016).  Prof. Liu has been engaged in most of major studies and projects on ESMC and relevant international conventions in China. He was the leading expert and project manager of the Quick Start Program (QSP) of SAICM of China, developed the National Profile and launched the National Forum for SAICM Implementation in China (2015); He used to be the Chief drafter of the proposed White Paper and National Strategy of ESMC in China. He served as member of the Steering Committee of Global Chemicals Outlook II of UNEP; member of Expert Review Committee for Chemicals Management of Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) of China; member of the Export Committee of Risk Prevention and Control of Chemicals, the Export Committee of POPs, and the Export Committee of Environmental Chemistry of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences (CSES).  He was rewarded for his valuable support and contribution of GEF-UNIDO project “Strengthening Institutions, Regulations and Enforcement Capacities for Effective and Efficient Implementation of the National Implementation Plan (NIP) of the Stockholm Convention in China” by UNIDO (2015), the Science and Technology of Environmental Protection Award by MEP(2015, 2016) and Outstanding Professional on Environmental Science & Technology by CESE in 2016; Outstanding Individual Award on Collaboration of Industry-Academia-Research by Peking University in 2015. He published 4 books as the chief editor and about 30 papers as the first or corresponding author.