刘俊宙 Junzhou Liu


刘俊宙 Junzhou Liu

Ph.D. student (2018 - Current)

Bachelor degree in School of the Environment, Nanjing University (2014-2018)

Email: ljzchat@foxmail.com; liu_junzhou@pku.edu.cn

Research Interest:

  • Life Cycle Assessment of CiPs
  • Exposure Assessment
  • Green Chemistry and Green Supply Chains

Applying the dynamic substance flow analysis and multimedia simulation to evaluate the stocks, flows, environmental emissions and human health risks of chemicals in products(CiPs) during their lifespan.

Assessing the environmental impacts and cost-effectiveness of the supply chain of enterprises/products on this basis.

Peer-reviewed Journal Papers:

  1. Chen, C., Li, L., Liu, J., Liu, J., Global environmental fate of short-chain chlorinated paraffins: Modeling with a single vs. multiple sets of physicochemical properties. Sci. Total Environ., 2019, 666: 423-430
  2. Shen, K., Li, L., Liu, J., Chen, C., Liu, J., Stocks, flows and emissions of DBDPE in China and its international distribution through products and waste. Environ. Pollut. 2019, 250: 79-86

Presentations at Conferences

Global distribution and human exposure assessment in China of Decabromodiphenyl ethane through electrical and electronic equipment production, use and trade originated in China. The 5th International Conference on Environmental Pollution and HealthHarbin, China. Aug. 4-6, 2019. (Oral presentation)